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Holistic support from industry thought leaders who share the common goal of helping practice owners succeed.

Practice Success Collective



An online summit for General Practice Owners wanting to maximise the market value of their practice

Week 1: Monday 26 July, Tuesday 27th July, Wednesday 28th July
Week 2: Monday 2nd Aug and Tuesday 3rd Aug


For Doctors, Dentists & Allied Health Professionals who aspire to START A NEW PRACTICE


Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by all the decisions; from what structure the business should be, to how you're going to finance your new practice, to how you are going to market your practice effectively and more...

Join our expert team in the Successful Start-Up Summit as we walk you through all the major steps when starting up a successful practice.

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Monday 22nd - Friday 26th March 2021

The Successful Start-Up Summit is an online summit for aspiring practice owners planning on setting up a new practice. CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO ACCESS THE RECORDINGS


What is Practice
Success Collective

  • Practice Success Collective was founded by Jerry Kennard with a vision to create a network of experts who could holistically support Practice Owners in their journey of starting or purchasing their own practice and then growing their business to achieve success, whatever that may look like for them.

    Jerry was regularly asked by his Medical and Healthcare clients for referrals to other industry experts to assist them in their business and whilst he had many reputable contacts, there wasn't a specific resource that would allow Practice Owners to access an experienced 'talent pool' of industry thought leaders, in one place.

Hence the mission of Practice Success Collective was born... 

  • to create a talent pool of holistic support for practice owners who are thought leaders in the 'Future of Practice' that share the belief that the people* in any practice should be at the heart of every decision, as they are the ULTIMATE determinate of its success or failure.

    *Patients + Team

Jerry Kennard


Ami Assigal


Stephen Guthrie

Director of Business Services and Taxation

Shannon Murphy


Aiden Somerville

Product Specialist

Michelle Tayler

Founder and Director

Adam Smagarinsky

Healthcare Marketing Specialist

Teresa Nguyen

Finance Specialist

Shane Holth

Head of Pre - Construction

Danielle Saez

Senior Interior Designer

Meena Wahi


Sally Stuart

Business Broker – Health Sector

Sarah Bartholomeusz


Sebastian Nearchou

Product Specialist

Joanna Oakey

Managing Director

Pillars And Principles of a Successful Practice

We believe that in any Medical Practice business there are 3 Pillars which are essential in order to achieve Practice Success

  • Physical To provide conditions we live, work and play in
  • Behavioural the who, what and how that becomes the practice DNA
  • Technological the tools to facilitate and connect the physical and behavioural

It is out of these sucess pillars, the core principles that every unfold:

  • Physical To provide conditions that improve the wellbeing and lives of all occupants
  • Behavioural to establish, understand and measure the who (Vision, Strategy + Target Market), the what (Beliefs, Values + Results) and the how (Policies, Systems + Processes)
  • Technological to establish the true needs of the patients and team and enable a marriage of the physical and behavioural

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Setting up, owning and running a practice, or group of practices in not for the faint hearted and requires superior Leadership skills and Business Acumen.

    Practice Success Collective seeks to provide a 'talent pool' of qualified experts who are all passionate thought leaders in their field of expertise, specialising in the Medical and Healthcare Industry.

    It has never been more important to remain highly focused on Strategy and Execution in all areas of the business in order to increase revenue and efficiency's in an ever increasingly competitive market.

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